Jam Creative Studios is an award-winning multimedia creative agency, specialising in innovative digital interpretation and learning resources for the heritage, museums, education and medical sectors.

Always at the forefront of the latest developments in digital technology, we specialise in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), gaming and film for multiple platforms.


About us

As our name suggests, we pack a lot of talent into a relatively small space.

We have a multidisciplinary team of writers, producers, researchers, developers, animators and designers whose combined knowledge and expertise allows us to create memorable visitor experiences.


We produce engaging, immersive visitor experiences via smartphones, tablets, VR headsets or within static exhibits, bringing  places, objects and landscapes to life with innovative new technology.







Film & TV Production

GPS Trails

Updatable App CMS

LiDAR & 3D Scanning



Augmented Reality

By merging real and virtual worlds our Augmented Reality apps bring landscapes, printed materials and exhibitions to life in new and innovative ways.

We’re pushing the boundaries to create meaningful AR experiences that can bring interactivity to even the most remote of locations; transforming ancient ruins, creating virtual tour guides and treasure hunts with a difference.

We continually improve and develop the way we deliver AR to ensure that every experience is better than the one that’s gone before.

Every project is different and we can tailor our AR approach to suit. For mobile we create image tracked and marker-less AR, combining AR software with mobile functionality, and within exhibition spaces, we use reverse AR to put visitors at the centre of their experience.

Virtual Reality

What better way to explore a different time and place than to be slap bang in the middle of it?

Our Virtual Reality experiences transform audiences into participants, immersing them in new environments and giving them the chance to live a story rather than simply watch it.

VR is also a great for training. We’ve created a VR learning platform that will enable students to experience real-life situations without any risk; be it medical procedures, working in hostile environments, health and safety, engineering skills, they can explore and engage from the safety of a classroom.

CGI & Animation

Animation is where we started out, it’s in our blood.

Whether it’s the translucence of a cell deep within the human body or the grime splattered on a Roman amphitheatre, the devil is in the detail and it’s that detail that makes our animation seem like it’s a reality. Our animations span a wide range of outputs and our team are masters of asset optimisation, to ensure that whatever format their models are viewed in, be it a 4K giant screen or an offline mobile app, they still look fantastic.


As Benjamin Franklin once said
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”
It’s easier to get a message across when your audience is actively involved and enjoying themselves.

Our developers are big kids at heart with an innate ability to put the fun into function, creating interactive experiences for any platform that are meaningful and above all entertaining.

We’ve created games and introduced gamification into exhibitions, apps and VR experiences to engage our audiences in new and exciting ways.

GPS Trails

We create GPS triggered trail apps, not only to guide people along a route, but to enable them to unlock and collect content (text/images/audio/video/AR/VR) along the way, ensuring visitors can explore content that is pertinent to their exact location.

Interactive Projection

We’ve been using the latest interactive projection technology to convert flat walls into giant touchscreens to enable visitor engagement on a grand scale, without the need to actually touch any of the technology.

CMS | Social Media |
Push Notifications

We develop bespoke systems to enable our clients to update the experiences we create for them, from managing databases and user data collection, to curating and uploading new content, affording them flexibility and ensuring content is up to date.
The opportunity for visitors to share their experiences with others is a powerful tool for marketing and further engagement.We can incorporate social media through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Our cloud-based CMS can send push notifications to your apps that will alert users to new content or upcoming events.

LiDAR | 3D Scanning |

We take data gathered from LiDAR (light detection and ranging) and 3D scanning devices and, using GIS (geographic information system) and reality capture software, construct accurate three-dimensional objects and environments.

TV & Film

With over a decade’s experience, our team have produced and directed advertising spots, short films, titles and integrated graphics for the corporate and broadcast sectors.Whether you need talking heads, aerial footage over landscapes and ruins, or a TV commercial, we’re ready for ‘action’ whenever you are.