VR Training

Jam Creative Main Portfolio

Building on our track record of creating engaging, interactive, immersive experiences, we’ve been developing a VR learning platform that will enable immersive training across multiple sectors.

With photoreal characters and environments, the platform offers a means to explore and engage with challenges and skills development opportunities within a virtual space.

From healthcare to health and safety, engineering to environmental, this platform will enable users to engage with people and real-world environments in a risk-free way.


Multimodal access

As well as VR headsets, the platform can also be accessed via PC and tablet, enabling students to access and explore the content if they don’t have access to VR headsets. This allows students to revisit what they have experienced in the virtual space and reflect upon their performance, before putting what they have learned into practice in real environments.


Analytics and feedback

To chart user progress and give performance feedback, we have created a comprehensive analytics framework.
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