VR / MR Training Experience

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ITOPF is a global environmental organisation specialising in a wide range of technical services to respond to ship-sourced ocean spills. Services are provided at the request of governments and intergovernmental organisations such as IMO and the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC Funds).
To minimise environmental damage by providing a fast and reliable clean up service, the ITOPF team need to be fully trained in spotting and correctly identifying ocean spills and accurately assessing their extent.
Developing for Oculus Quest headsets, we created and optimised a series of simulated environments which placed the team in virtual ‘real life’ scenarios that allowed them to apply the skills they have developed to the closest representation they can have to a real-world situation. Team members can interact with the content, choose different observation elevations, and take photographs of the environment they are exploring, then scrutinise the decisions they made ‘in situ’ when they have virtually returned to base.
By providing the latest in Virtual Reality training methods and cutting-edge software programming, ITOPF’s teams can now be trained anywhere in the world, at the same time, with minimal cost to the company. This method of virtual training now eliminates the need for staff to travel to spill sites or instigate costly helicopter training flights..