AR Educational Experiences

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The Client

BT / Welsh Government


The Brief

Our brief was to introduce the benefits of a 5G connected environment to school groups in KS2, while also encouraging engagement with STEM activities.


Partnering with BT and Welsh Government in the 5G Wales unlocked programme, we created an interactive AR experience for school groups (KS2) to enable them to better understand how 5G connectivity can benefit rural and urban communities. The experience incorporated STEM based activities that the children could complete in small groups to unlock the benefits of 5G across a virtual AR town.


A large 3D town environment was triggered to appear in any classroom via cloud anchor technology with Augmented Reality. The town consisted of various locations within it that would benefit from a 5G upgrade (emergency services, transport, manufacturing, recycling centre, farm etc.) The goal, to upgrade all locations on the map to 5G, was achieved through completing the STEM minigames. The children could walk around the AR town, choose a location, and attempt a STEM related task. If successful in their task, that location would then receive a 5G upgrade.
They would see the benefits play out across the environment and the children would score points based on their challenge difficulty.


Additional interactive hotspots enabled children to discover more about how 5G could change the way they live.