Window on the World: Augmented Reality

The Client

National Waterways Museum

The Brief

To bring the story of the historic slipway at the National Waterways Museum to life using innovative digital technology.

Jam Creative Short Portfolio
Our Response

Working with Bright 3D and Touchstone Heritage to interpret the historic slipway, we created an augmented reality (AR) app to bring the characters who lived and worked at Ellesmere Port to life, allowing visitors to hear their stories about the work they carried out at the busy port in 1911.

Image-tracked AR allows life-sized characters to appear and talk to visitors as they explore different buildings on the slipway.

Part of the restoration of the historic slipway area of the port involved the preservation of Mossdale, the last surviving wooden Mersey Flat in existence today. From photographs and plans we recreated Mossdale in 3D so that  visitors using the AR app could watch her being winched up the slipway for repairs while a character explained what was happening.